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 Look no further for your household pottery/ceramics NEEDS! I have a great selection of handmade work. I invite you to come visit my website for a pleasant, efficient shopping experience.   I would be more than happy to assist you personally to ensure you receive exactly what you have in mind. And if you need assistance, ideas, or special service I'm at your beck and call!  Feel free to pick up the phone, text, or E-mail with any questions you have and I’ll be glad to help.


What I Sell


Mix Clay Collection

Unique Pieces

Mixed clay pieces are exactly as described. The clay body is two clays blended together to create an amazing look. White and brown stoneware clay I found create a warm classy feel and will enhance any room with a feeling of ease and comfort.


About Me

I began my business venture in 2010, though was inspired and educated in high school. I have always had a desire to create spectacular pottery, but thought it would never happen, so it didn't for many years.  I had let the dream of this die and then after cleaning up my life came to a realization that I can and will do this for myself.  I was unemployed at the time and knew there would no better time to start and make it happen!  So through trials and powering though I have made it mine, God is amazing, and so am I!  Over the last 10 years of business my experience has grown considerably and am approaching mastery.  Come and share in the creations, there here for you to own anytime, and Thank you, I am so grateful and excited about what I can make to brighten your life!



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