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What Is Titania Ceramics?

Titania Ceramics was founded in 2010 and since the first day in business I, Thurston Baker, have created top quality Mid- fired(Cone 6, 2199ºF) contemporary stoneware pieces, functional and vibrant. I have always loved science and science fiction and wanted the name to reflect that so I chose the name of a moon orbiting Uranus. 


Conveniently located in Northeast Lincoln Nebraska, U.S., the studio is always open to visit. Customer service excellence, a sort of perfectionism, and contemporary look is what TC is all about.  Everything created is electric fired to cone 5-6, and safe with the dishwasher, microwave, and oven.  I show at the Haymarket Farmer's Market in Lincoln, and numerous other shows in surrounding states. As the lone creator I do my best with keeping prices affordable and  pieces top quality.

Come and visit sometime, CALL OR TEXT (402)464-1744,

Instagram- TitaniaCeramics, FB- Titania Ceramics, Thurston Baker-LinkedIn

About the Artist: About Us

Get To Know Me

Thurston Baker

Artist and Founder

Throughout high school 1986-1989, I spent many hours in the Art Room. My Junior and Senior year were the most intense. I made mostly bowls and vases until I went off to my first college, CU in Boulder.

I took one class and did quite well; it was first-year pottery. After that, I decided reluctantly to pursue business classes for I thought that is what was expected of me. I did not do so well and moved back to Minnesota.

When I was at MCC in Minneapolis, I once again took another class and some drawing classes and minored in Art in 1993.

Since then I have not pursued my ceramics talent until Spring 2010 and was given the blessing of building a studio in my backyard. It lied dormant for the most part until the winter ended and at the end of January I was laid off from my job.

This is it! I have been creating many items in the studio since then, 95% wheel thrown forms and the rest slab.  My styles are very Danish, Bauhaus, Atomic in form and decoration. Hope you enjoy and thank you!!

About the Artist: Meet The Team
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